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Hours of operation: ( Mon, Tues, Fri): 5:30-7:00 pm
Friday: 1 hour after Dhuhr prayer
Sat & Sun; 1 hour before Dhuhr prayer

Book Drop

You can return borrowed items in the Book Drop located on the left side of the library door when library is not open.

Library Card

Any one 12 years and up can get a library card at no charge. $5 will be charged to replace a lost card

Borrowing Privileges

Books and Audio Visuals (DVDs or CDs) can be borrowed for 2 weeks, and renewed for another two weeks.


Cost of books/dvd/cds must be paid if lost. 25 cents per day will be charged if books are returned late.

Children Books

We have a good selection of Islamic Story books for children.


We have back issues of selected magazines in English & Urdu


Hundreds of books are available in English, Urdu & Arabic on following Topics

  • Belief (basic Islamic believes)
  • Comparative religion (Islam vs other religions)
  • Family (Islamic perspective on family life and upbringing)
  • Islamic Jurisprudence (Hadith etc)
  • Islamic Society (History, society etc)
  • Personalities (biographies & life of prophets and other Islamic figures)
  • Quran (tafseer, Quran etc)
  • Selected topics (general)
  • Women (women’s issues

Library Catalogue

MIL library is solely run by volunteers. Please contact Mrs Nuzhat Khan (780-437-0943) if you are interested in volunteering. We accept donations (books, DVD, CDs, and money).

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